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Your cuffs should meet the point where your palm begins about 2cm up from your wrist bone. Grey faux fur longline coat.

A classic mens blazer will never go out of style and can instantly take you from casual to smart. Whether you wear it with jeans or chinos our range of casual blazers for men will help you create the perfect look.
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A classic mens blazer will never go out of style and can instantly take you from casual to smart. Whether you wear it with jeans or chinos our range of casual blazers for men will help you create the perfect look.
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At the same time, the fashion-industrial complex creates new so-called styles by bending or breaking the time-honored traditions in menswear;. Thus as in so many things, it falls to each man to take responsibility for the fit of his own clothes , and not to be swayed by the prolific selection of poor choices or the dubious influence of models, salesmen, and the opposite sex.

In general, clothes should be comfortable, but not loose. Pants should be worn at the natural waist, near the navel. Young people with flat stomachs may choose to wear them lower, as has been the style for a decade or so, but they gain little in doing so.

The man with a belly, on the other hand, looks much better with high-rise trousers draping from his middle than with his stomach spilling over a low-rise waistband. The most standard length brushes the top edge of the sole at the back, for a slight break in the front. Of the many other factors involved in fitting a jacket, the chest and shoulders are the most important and the hardest to alter. Your shirt should always be tighter than your jacket, lest you end up with clumps of fabric which have no place to go.

There is of course much more to say about the fit of these and other garments; these points are intended merely to illustrate the basic idea of fit. Your appearance; whether sharp and confident, relaxed and cool, or sloppy and juvenile — is often reduced to the fit of your clothing. Finding the right tailor may be crucial, but there is nothing nearly as significant as sharing a critical eye with the fitting-room mirror.

The following serves as a general fit guide for the novice. Before we jump in, let us note that clothes best flatter a fit body. When it comes to your appearance, apparel is only part of the equation.

It is important to eat well, drink well, and exercise occasionally. It is much easier for clothing to look great for someone in shape. It will help you fill out your clothes. Additionally, before beginning have someone accurately take all of your measurements.

These are very useful numbers when shopping for clothing in-store, and they are absolutely crucial when shopping online. The collar should just graze your neck without constricting it. If turning your head causes the collar to turn with it, the collar is too tight. You should be able to comfortably fit two fingers inside of your buttoned collar without it tightening against your skin. Your cuffs should meet the point where your palm begins about 2cm up from your wrist bone.

It should be tight enough that your thumb notch at your wrist will stop the cuff from moving up your hand. It should be a bit looser than a properly fitting watch, and not go farther up your wrist than that watch. The shoulder seam should be at your shoulder bone. This is the point on your shoulder that is the greatest distance away from your sternum. Sleeves should not be so tight that you can see the details of your arms, but they should also not be so loose as to billow.

When you bend your arm, your cuff should not move more than an inch up your wrist. Shirt length should be such that bending and making natural movements does not cause the shirt to become untucked. Additionally, your shirt should remain tucked if you fold your hands behind your head.

If this is a problem, the shirt may be too short or the armholes may be too low. Alternatively, armholes should not be tight around the shoulder. The shoulder seam should lie on the edge of your shoulder. The aim is to reduce the amount of buckling, as the shoulders should have no apparent wrinkles or divots while the arms are down at the sides.

Similarly to shirts, armholes must be sufficiently high, and alternatively should not be cutting into your armpit. The arms should move somewhat independently of the jacket during normal motions.

Similarly, it should not pull across the shoulders when arms are folded. Holding your hand flat, you should easily be able to fit it inside the jacket under the lapels.

Keep in mind what you will be wearing under your coat , as the size will need to adjust accordingly. The coat should not be roomy, but should lie close to your body and accentuate your shape. That being said, it should be in no way taut, and should allow freedom of movement. It makes the coat look skirt-like. The pants in the image are somewhat a slimmer cut. There is nothing wrong with the fit, but some may prefer a more conservative look.

They make you look as though you are carrying more weight around your stomach. The chino should not be tight to the leg , but also should not billow. It should be comfortably close to the leg without causing resistance. You generally want a single break in the pant leg. A break is a crease at the base of the pant leg created when the pant collapses onto the shoe.

Similar to the Chino in fit , dress trousers should not be tight to the leg, nor billowing but, lie comfortably close to the leg without resistance but they will naturally drape more.

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